Les Aubiers can be seen from far.

This estate is located north of the historic centre of Bordeaux.

The construction of this large complex dates from the early seventies. It represents a set of 17 floors of which one can contemplate the entanglement. Built 50 years ago, it is home to more than 4,000 residents.


Almost everyone passes through the hall under the buildings leading to the heart of the district, we greet each other on the countless stairs, at the foot of the towers… Today, the dilapidation is felt in all the buildings connected by platforms. This place carries an inspiring aesthetic.


There are stories that only find their meaning in the identity of the place where the idea of the project arises. The estate of Les Aubiers in Bordeaux resonates like the ideal labyrinth, the incredible opportunity to film spaces disembodied by human presence and yet inhabited.


I also stick to this idea of making a road movie on foot that imposes the rhythm of the body to the story. A stroll in the estate which gives the pulse to deploy images of this simple story. An organic story made in the breath, in the heartbeat of the one who lives it.


To work on the image of this woman who runs, it’s showing the contrasts of the emotions that run through her to support her effort. She’s not a marathoner, she challenges her endurance, she runs to breathe, to forget, to get lost and then to find herself again.


You have to enter this air bubble and run with it. By choosing this repetitive activity, I leave a lot of room for the other side of this story. The possibility for the witness to enter her mind. We can then invent her thoughts which move in parallel, which follow or precede her. We build her story made of dreams and hypothesis. We pin mental ideas down to her strides, we sew from scratch the life she needs.


And around the corner she dances. She talks to herself. Shift of point of view… You never take your eyes off her. Change of perspective... She fascinates you. She really fascinates you. But have you stopped breathing? You just noticed that you have a taste of metal in your mouth. You find her at the top of a tower. She dances with emptiness, she dances with the wind and the drone captures her vertigo.


Vidéos :  Teasers of "One Way"


Choregraphy, Co-director:

Valérie Rivière



Arnaud Emery



Emily Dickinson



Fanny Sage



Piano Trio Nr 2 D.929 / Trio-Sonate D. 28 de Franz Schubert


Voice over:

Cécile de France


Drone operator:

Jerome Mignard



Arnaud Emery

Cyril Ramette

Video editor:

Arnaud Emery



Paul les Oiseaux


Make-uo - hairdressing:

Sarah Chataigner



Éléonore Jounot



Enki Djipal



Mother and children: Clara Feard - Mathyas Vignon

Teenage:  Manuela Konkongnissou

Teenage: Cyril Ramette

Teenage: Julien Colleu

Lady with her dog: Colette Jacquinot - chien BB ocho

Athlete:  Arsène Konkongnissou

Biker:  Roman Matride


Partner participants:

Centre d’animation Bordeaux Lac

Stade Bordelais BMX

Association Urban Vibrations School

Pôle senior


Production :

Paul les Oiseaux


Creation Subsidies:

DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Bordeaux métropole




La Région Nouvelle Aquitaine

Le Conseil Départemental de la Gironde

La Ville de Bordeaux